Conference Program (12 - 13 FEBRUARY 2019)


Inauguration Ceremony, DAY 01, TUESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2019

09.30Recitation of Holy Quran
09.45SMRDU’19 Overview - Conference Chair, Prof. Dr. Suhail Ahmed Soomro
10:00Address by Chairman, PCSIR
10:15Welcome Speech by Vice Chancellor, MUET, Prof. Dr. M. Aslam Uqaili
10.30Keynote Talk 1 by Dr. Mahfooz Soomro from Australia
11:00Keynote Talk 2 by Dr. Sarfaraz H. Solangi, Pro Vice Chancellor, Thatta Campus, University of Sindh
11.30Address by Guest of Honor
11.45Address by Chief Guest
12.00Vote of Thanks
12.15Poster Presentations
13:15Lunch Break

Technical Session 1A & 1B, DAY 01, TUESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2019

TimeTechnical Session - 1ATechnical Session - 1B
Geology, Mining & Beneficiation (GMB)/ Energy Minerals (EM)Mineral Processing (MP)/ Energy, Health, Safety and Management (EHSM)
Session Chair/ Session SecretaryDr. Mehfooz A. Soomro/ Dr. Liaqat AliDr. M. Tahir Shah/ Prof. Viqaar Hussain
14:00 to 14:15Key Note Speaker GMB-101: The use of Automated QEMSCAN techniques in stream sediment exploration: A case study from northern Pakistan Dr. Liaqat AliKey Note Speaker MP-203: Treatment of mixed industrial effluent (heavy metals ions, organic pollutants, herbicides and dyes) by novel combination of photolytic, electrochemical and carbon concentrator system Prof. Dr. Muddasar Habib
14:15 to 14:30Key Note Speaker GMB-102: Environmental Impacts and Mitigation of TLC mine Dewatering operation, Sindh, Pakistan Dr. Yasmin NergisKey Note Speaker MP-204: Present and Future Prospects of Mineral Resources of Pakistan in the context of its Tectonic Framework Dr. Mohamamd Tahir Shah
14:30 to 14:40Key Note Speaker EM-305: Extraction and characterization of humic acid extracted from Pakistani coals Prof. Dr. Tajnees PirzadaKey Note Speaker MP-205: Kaolinite (China Clay) deposits of Nagar Parkar: Origin and uses Dr. Muhammad Hassan Agheem
14:40 to 14:50Key Note Speaker EM-309: Lakhra Coal is also a resource of Minerals Prof. Dr. Tasneem G. KaziKey Note Speaker MP-208: Challenges and Oppertunities in mineral based industrial sector of Pakistan Prof. Dr. Vikar Hussain
14:50 to 15:00GMB-104: Production of three-way catalytic converter (50 units per day) for the reduction of pollutants generated from internal combustion engines Fahad JamilMP-209: A theoretical study of transport behavior of particle species in fluidized bed separators Naveed H. Syed
15:00 to 15:10GMB-105 :Detection and Monitoring of Underground Coal Mine Gases at Lakhra Coal Mines Niaz Muhammad ShahaniMP-210: Synthesis Of Copper acetate metallic Nanoparticles Using Cruciferous Vegetables Kanwal Zohra
15:10 to 15:20EM-316: Synthesis of Gamman Alumina by using Acid treatment from Nagar Parker kaolin Ahsan AliMP-212: Designing production flowline using Heuristic techniques. A case study at Zeal Pak Cement Factory Ltd (ZPCFL) Hyderabad Yasir Hashmi
15:20 to 15:30EM-37: Preparation of Emission free coal-biomass-plastic brequites Sanwal HussainMP-213:Development and characterization of Nano-Hydroxyapatite by Freeze drying Maheera Abdul Ghani
15:30 to 15:40EM-310: Thar Coal Present and Future Prospects Faisal IqbalMP-214: -201Occupational exposure to mercury among the workers in a lighting product manufacturing factory, SITE, industrial area, karachi Pakistan Dr. Uzma Rashid
15:40 to 15:50EHSM: 513: GIS based Analysis of Ground Water Quality: A Case Study of Districts of Punjab- Pakistan Falak Naeem
15:50 to 16:00EHSM-514: Successful Installation of Defluoridation Water Treatment Plant in the Thar Desert, Pakistan Tahir Rafique
16:00 to 16:30Tea BreakTea Break

Technical Session 2A & 2B, DAY 01, TUESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2019

TimeTechnical Session - 2ATechnical Session - 2B
Technology Advance Materail (TAM)Energy Minerals (EM)
Session Chair/ Session SecretaryProf. Dr. Sirajuddin/ Prof. Dr. ChandioDr. A. Hussain/ Dr. Yunas
16:30 to 16:45Key Note Speaker EHSM-505: Evaluation of adsorption capacities of commercial humic acid for application to remove pollutants such as Cu2+, Zn2+, Cd2+ and Ni2+ and characterization with FT-IR spectroscopy Prof. Dr. Mir Munsif Ali TalpurKey Note Speaker EM-307: Clean Coal Technologies for Power Generation Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hussain
16:45 to 17:00Key Note Speaker TAM-401:Monitoring of Water Pollutants via Nanomaterials Prof. Dr. SirajuddinKey Note Speaker EM-303: Post combustion CO2 capture through PVDF/PDMS hollow fiber membrane module with sweep gas Prof. Dr. M. Younas
17:00 to 17:10Key Note Speaker TAM-402: Synthesis of silver impregnated Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide By Re-Modified HUMMERs Method and Its Application’s Dr. Shahid BhuttoKey Note Speaker EM-308: Efficient energy Management of Low rank coal to tackle its Quality Problems Engr.Yunus Khan
17:10 to 17:20TAM-405: Copper nanoparticles as colorimetric sensor for detection of trace level Arsenic Gul Naz Laghari BalochEM-311: Analyzing Effects of Skin in Horizontal and Vertical Well Asad Ahmed Memon
17:20 to 17:30TAM-406: Synthesis and applications of imprinted Semi-IPN cryogel composite for selective removal of aluminum from aqueous matrices Shahnila ShahEM-312: Performance evaluation of Biodiesel form waste cooking oil Engr. Abid Ali Khaskheli
17:30 to 17:40TAM-407: Synthesis of Insulin Intercalated Graphene Oxide (IN @ GO) Nanogel/ Nanocomposite for the Controlled Drug Delivery Shabana GulEM-313: Parametric investigation dibenzothiophene removal from Pakistani low rank coal using native microorganism. Abdul Sattar Jatoi
17:40 to 17:50TAM-408: Synthesis, Characterization and properties of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles using different capping agents Shabana BhagatEM-314: Facile Organic Ligand Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of MoSX-MoOX Nanocomposites for Hydrogen Production Umair Aftab
17:50 to 18:00TAM-409: Synthesis of Novel Nanoliposomes for Effective Delivery of CoQ10 Ammara RasheedEM:-315: Mineralogical and Microstrutural characterization of carbonate rocks of lower Indus Basin, Pakistan Abdul Majeed shar
20:00 Conference DinnerConference Dinner

Technical Session 3A, DAY - 2, WEDNESDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2019

TimeSession – 3A
Environment, Health, Safety & Management (EHSM)/ Geology, Mining & Beneficiation (GMB)
Session Chair/ Session SecretaryProf. Dr. A. K. Ansari/ Dr. M. Ishaque Abro
09:00 to 09:15Key Note Speaker ESHM-501 :Treatment of mixed Industrial Effluent (heavy metal ions, organic pollutants, herbicides and dyes) by a novel combination of photolytic ,electrochemical and carbon concentrator system Mukhtar-ul-Hassan
09:15 to 09:30Key Note Speaker ESHM-502: The Environmental Safeguard Policies for Sustainable Mine Development Prof. Dr. Abdul Khalique Ansari
09:30 to 09:40Key Note Speaker ESHM-503: ISO 45001:2018Occupational health and Safety Management Systems Engr. Zulfiqar Ali Dakhan
09:40 to 09:50Key Note Speaker ESHM-504: ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Engr. Zulfiqar Ali Dakhan
09:50 to 10:00EHSM-506: Impact of coal Mining on Environment and Human Health Akhtar Shareef
10:00 to 10:10ESHM-507: To Investigate the Impact of Recycled Coarse Aggregate as a Partial Substituent of Natural Aggregate Mohammad Asim
10:10 to 10:20ESHM-508: Occupational Health and Safety In Mining Naseem Ibrahim
10:20 to 10:30ESHM-509: Impact Evaluation of coal Mine drainage on physiochemical properties of soil and aquifer around coal mining areas in Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan Waqas Ahmeda
10:30 to 10:40ESHM-510: Large-scale application of iron-containing clay in environmental engineering Zubair Ahmed
10:40 to 10:50ESHM-511: Conversion of Waste Plastic to Synthetic Crude Oil through Pyrolysis Amir Muhammad
10:50 to 11:00ESHM-512: Environment, Health, and Safety: Where We Stand and Where We Need to Go. Mahmood Arshad
11:00 to 11:30Tea Break

Technical Session 4A, DAY - 2, WEDNESDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2019

TimeTechnical Session - 4A
Session – 4A Mineral Procesing (MP)/Energy Minerals (EM)/EHSM
Session Chair/ Session SecretaryProf. Dr. Muddasar Habib/ Prof. Dr. Mir Munsif Talpur
11:30 to 11:45Key Note Speaker MP-206: Strategies to Iron Ore Beneficiation: Revival of Steel Sector of Pakistan A.D. Chandio
11:45 to 12:00Key Note Speaker MP-207: Sustainable Utilization of Mineral Resources at Power Cement Limited S. M. Imran
12:00 to 12:10Key Note Speaker MP-210: Selective Flocculation Study of hematite in hematite-quartz-kaolinite system in presence of C2+, Mg2+ and Fe3+ ions: Part 1. Optimization of ligand. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ishaque Abro
12:10 to 12:20Key Note Speaker EM-304: The role of indigenous coal in National Energy Mix: Present and Future Dr. Mahmood Saleem
12:20 to 12:30 Key Note Speaker EM-306: Design of Catalytic Cracking unit for Refinery meet the Energy Crises of Pakistan Dr. Shagufta Ishteyaque
12:30 to 12:40EHSM-515: Efficient imprinted materials for the selective recognition of targeted toxic ions in aqueous system Ameet Kumara
12:40 to 12:50EHSM-516: Arsenic Removal from Ground Water through untreated Rice Husk Bed A.Qudoos
12:50 to 13:00
13:00 to 14:00

Technical Session 5A, DAY - 2, WEDNESDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2019

TimeTechnical Session - 5A
Technology Advance Materail (TAM)/ Energy, Health, Safety and Management (EHSM)
Session Chair/ Session SecretaryMr. S.M. Imran/ Dr. Shagufta Aslam
14:00 to 14:15Key Note Speaker TAM-404: Smart Imprinted Polymer for Selective Recognition and Removal of Toxic Ions from Aqueous Syste Amna Balouch
14:15 to 14:30Key Note Speaker Nanotechnology- Science of Every Science Prof. M Zahid Qureshi
14:30 to 14:40TAM-403: Simulating the Drilling Profile in Coal Formation to Extract Coal Bed Methane Using Finite Element Method Over Pore Pressure Envelop
14:40 to 14:50TAM-410: Simulation of Carbon Capture Process at Kunar oil Field Syeda Saman Zehra Zaidi
14:50 to 15:00TAM-411: Energy Conservation in distillation Column with PETYLUK Arrangement Fahad Hussain Noonari
15:00 to 15:10TAM-412: Dimethyl ether production from coal based synthesis gas: process simulation and modelling - A review Abdul Jabbar Kalhoro
15:10 to 15:20TAM-413: Comparative study of Fluoride Removal from Water Using Indigenous China Clay and Fly Ash as an adsorbent: A laboratory Scale Study Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque Rajput
15:20 to 15:30TAM-414: Effective Bioremediation of Endocrine-Disrupting Phthalate Esters, Mediated by Bacillus Strains Muhammad Ali Surhio
15:30 to 15:40EHSM-517: Low Cost Environmental Friendly Water Desalination through DC Power Electro dialysis for Arid and Semi Arid Regions Muhammad Awais
15:40 to 15:50EHSM-518: Utilization of Pleurotus eryngii biosorbent as an environmental bioremedy for the decontamination of trace cadmium(II) ions from water system Farah Amin
15:50 to 16:00EHSM-519: Assessment of Medium Density Fiber (MDF) Board process for cleaner production Shokat Ali Abbassi
16.00 to 16.30Panel Discussion (1. Prof. Dr. Viqaar Hussain, 2. Prof. Dr. A. K. Ansari, 3. Dr. A. Majeed Shar, 4. Prof. Dr. Tahir Shah, 5. Prof. Dr. Shaheen Aziz, 6. Prof. Dr. Khadija Qureshi, 7. PCSIR
16:30 to 17:00Conclusion
17:00 to 17:30Tea Break